Mythic campaign - War of the Gods 2.0

The Mythic Trial
Even the God's can be fooled.
Haven's Call
Fortress Under Siege
The Missing Progeny
The 2 year search
The Blacksmith's Tome
Searching the Ruins of Rudeck
Unrest at Solomon's Vigil
The Lord of Night's First Strike
The Missing Wife
What is lost gets found.
Church Heist
Tribute for the Undead God
Broken Circle
Don't mess with Seth
The Cursed Mines
The heroes gather

This story begins like any other, Strangers gathering in a strange city. Although these weren’t your average heroes; one was a barbarian named Gronk from the Northern tribes, the other a man named Bjorn who was new to this world. These men were from different backgrounds, but had never been around so many people.
The gates were crowded that day, but the guards were on their best behavior. “Why were they on their best behavior?” you ask. Well on that day the Order of the Enlightened Blade was out helping people out at the gates. In fact, Gronk took an interest in this order and began talking to a young paladin of the order. The man gave him directions for the town and advised him to seek out the Adventurer’s Guild.
The two giants met each other for the first time at an inn near the gates of Ulfgar called “The Broken Snare”. Of course we all know that this particular inn is ran by the lovely and voluptuous halfling named Delilah. As Bjorn entered the room, there was hush over the crowd. He took a seat next to Gronk and the two began drinking together as the bar cleared out. It was hours before the two even realized the effect they were having on the tavern. Delilah set them up each with a room, which to the two seemed like sleeping in a tiny chest.
The next morning they were set up with a ride to the town center. The two rode on the back of a dwarven merchants cart. He was an old dwarf named Garrett Greybeard, who was a man after my own heart telling them stories and the history of Ulfgar.
As they arrived at the Adventurer’s Guild, Bjorn was the first to enter the Guild hall and found it was crowded and noisy. Gronk stayed outside and observed the scene. A man approached the giant and told him no weapons were allowed. He quickly saw past this ruse and shook the young man until he passed out. He went inside and sat down with Bjorn. The two listened to a talented young virile bard play his tune. Bjorn began heckling the extremely talented singer. The bard then challenged the giant to an archery contest. He accepted and the two went out to compete. The young bard then taught the giant archer a lesson he will never forget, besting him with his own weapon of choice. That night the two giants got to sleep in beds that actually fit them.
The next morning, they looked to find some work but were informed of the Guild’s membership fees. The two could not afford membership, but quickly found a young cleric to sponsor them. His name was Heinrich Glasgow, and he was a follower of Abadar. The job he accepted was about a town suffering from a powerful curse. The three headed out on their first quest together.


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